Pre -Event Consultation and Budgeting

It is important for us to understand your true needs and for you to understand the real costs of your event, we can help with that as well. We offer budgeting services which include a line item breakdown of all applicable costs. 


Event Planning

Our event planning services start with taking the time to understand what you really want. We will connect with the right vendors, choose the right venue, and together we will plan an event for all to remember.


Event Management

Planning an event is nothing without execution. Our on-site staff will be there to make sure that everything goes smoothly with your event. We know how to anticipate problems before they happen, leaving you and your guests free to focus on the business at hand.


Venue Selection

Our extensive knowledge of Global Cities and Hotels and Venues, allows us to work with clients all over the world and ensure their satisfaction.  Having the ideal location for an event is a key component to ensuring participation.


Registration and Communication

Simplifying the registration process for your guests by offering on-line and mobile options ensures quicker responses and higher attendance rates.  We employ the best on-line registration tools in order to streamline the registration process and ensure efficient communication with all of your guests.


On-Site Management

Our goal on-site is for your focus to be on your guests and what you are trying to accomplish.  For this reason we take all of the details out of your hands and leave you with all of the praise.